Society Partners

The field of minimally invasive spine surgery relies on cutting edge technology and instrumentation. The ability to perform these delicate procedures are developed by our Society Partners who constantly improve the tools used in minimally invasive surgery. Their contributions and support to the field and to the Society have been critical to the advancement of MIS surgery for treatment of patients with spinal disorders.

Diamond Partners

Originally started in Cleveland as Acromed, Depuy Spine is now a part of Johnson and Johnson. The first FDA-approved disk replacement device was developed by Depuy. They remain on the cutting edge of technology with their Pipeline and Viper2 minimally invasive systems. They are currently developing systems for complex spinal disorders such as scoliosis and deformity.

Based in Memphis, Tennessee, Medtronic Spine is a leader in the field of minimally invasive spine surgery instrumentation. They have developed many of the key procedures used in minimally invasive spine surgery including the use of tubes and dilators instead of retractors that would otherwise crush muscle tissue. Their MAST platform includes one of the most comprehensive and advanced tools for minimally invasive surgery. Currently, Medtronic possesses the most advanced computer navigation system used specifically for minimally invasive spine surgery.

Orthofix is a diversified, global medical device company with a Mission of improving patients’ lives by providing superior reconstructive and regenerative spine solutions to physicians worldwide. With a key focus on MIS, Spinal Deformity Correction and Biologics solutions, Orthofix offers a state-of-the-art MIS percutaneous pedicle screw fixation system, (Phoenix™ Spinal Fixation System),with unique design features that eliminate surgical steps and minimizes incisions by reducing the complexity of the overall procedure. We also offer a comprehensive portfolio of anterior and posterior spine fixation products from occiput to sacrum. Our market leading Biologics solutions include Trinity® Elite™, a third generation allograft with viable cells produced by MTF and our Bio-Stimulation division is the market leader for external bone growth stimulators.

Platinum Partners

Baxano Surgical




Gold Partners

Globus Medical

Spine View, Inc.

X-Spine Systems, Inc.

Silver Partners

Aesculap Implant Systems
Alphatec Spine
Atlas Spine
Karl Storz Endoscopy
LDR Spine
Nordson Micromedics, Inc.
Pacira Pharmaceuticals
Paradigm Spine
Pinnacle Spine Group
Richard Wolf Medical Instruments
Safewire, LLC
Siemens Healthcare
SpineFrontier, Inc.
Spine Vision
Spine Wave
Thompson MIS
VTI, Vertebral Technologies
Whale Imaging