SMISS Structures

SMISS is an international community; to ensure alignment and advancement of the SMISS Mission, a volunteer network of surgeons shall be elected to SMISS Bodies at a global, regional and national level. On November 1, 2013, SMISS restructured and created a new Board known as the SMISS International Board (SIB).

SMISS International Board of Directors (SIB)

Greg Anderson, MD
International Chairperson

William Taylor, MD
Founder, Education Chair

Kevin Foley, MD
Research Chair

Larry Khoo, MD
Marketing Chair

Roger Härtl, MD
Centers of Excellence Chair

Frank Phillips, MD
Regional Chair, North America

*To be appointed respresentatives for: Asia Pacific,                                                             Europe, Latin America and Middle East

SMISS North American Board

Praveen Mummaneni, MD - Education Officer
Y. Raja Rampersaud, MD - Research Officer
Jim Youssef, MD - Marketing Officer
Isador Lieberman, MD - Advocacy Offier