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SMISS Founding Member, Kornelis Poelstra.

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Our goal is to build an open, transparent, and community-oriented environment where individuals can come together as informal groups with like interests to pursue their ideas within SMISS Communities-of-Practice.

As a Member, you will belong to a unique MISS club where many of the global thought-leaders in MISS come to connect, exchange and share their ideas. Take advantage of many benefits, professional opportunities, events and initiatives designed to advance your career and define the future of MISS care. Joining is simple, just 3 quick steps: 1) enter your contact information, 2) select the member package most valued by you, and 3) pay your membership fee.

We hope SMISS Membership will enhance your professional and personal life, as you make new long-lasting friendships with colleagues from around the MISS world experiences. GET INVOLVED!

Our membership tiers are currently being reviewed. If you are interested in joining SMISS or renewing your membership, we encourage that you do so at the Basic $150 level. Basic membership entitles you to a registration discount for SMISS Events.






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